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Mendip announce exciting changes to 2024-2025 Instructor Training Course

Following the success of their Accelerated Outdoor Instructor Training courses, Mendip Activity Centre has announced details of the next course, designed to support people looking to gain or develop careers in the outdoor activity industry.

The next course starts in November 2024 and will be extended to 18 weeks to allow for more opportunities to learn and gain experience. The total number of qualifications covered has increased to 24.

"There has never been a better time to start a career as an outdoor activity instructor," said Luke Moore, Course Director. "Our intensive training course includes nationwide expeditions, an international ski trip and multiple days out on rivers, crags, caves and hills."

Qualifications covered during the 2024 to 2025 course are nationally recognised and include:

  • Lowland Leader Training and Lowland Leader Assessment

  • Cave Leader Training and Cave Leader Assessment

  • Rock Climbing Instructor Training and Assessment

  • Paddlesport Instructor

  • Paddlesport Leader Training and Assessment

  • Level 1 Ski Foundation Instructor Training and Assessment

Course fees include all training, qualifications, transport, trips, accommodation and catering. Available to ages 18+. No experience is required.

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