The UKSS Level 1 Ski Instructor award qualifies you to instruct on artificial dry slopes or indoor snow domes.


Our training program is unique, not only do we include ALL the must-have summer qualifications but we are the only course that also includes an essential winter snowsport qualification. With our own snowsport park on-site there is no easier way to complete this qualification.


Our experienced instructors will get you from snowplough to parallel skiing in no time. Once you can turn, control speed and avoid others, you can take advantage of using the slope anytime. You will also have an opportunity to learn to snowboard in your own time and we can advise you how to get dual qualified.

Once you are ready, external coaches from Snowsport England will guide you through the UKSS Level 1 Ski Instructor Training which focuses on refining your personal skiing and how to manage and teach groups. 

After completing this training you will need to log shadowing and coaching hours before completing the Alpine Instructor assessment. We will support you by providing opportunities to shadow lessons that run during evenings and weekends.

At the end of the course once you are a capable skier we will take you on a week long ski trip in the Alps to help consolidate your skills. 


Adding your Alpine Instructor Award to your Paddlesport Instructor and Rock Climbing Instructor qualification will ensure you can work all year round in the great outdoors.