The Mountain Training Rock Climbing Instructor (RCI) Award is the industry standard for instructing climbing and abseiling in the UK. It qualifies you to work in indoor climbing centres, climbing walls and outside on rock.


Your first step will be to develop your personal climbing. We’ll coach and support you to ensure you are climbing beyond the RCI standard of lead climbing at severe grade. You’ll train on some of the best limestone crags in the UK, including the famous  Cheddar Gorge and you’ll have access to our private on-site rock sport quarry. In the evenings we’ll continue your training at indoor climbing centres.


Your course includes trips to the Peak District, Dartmoor and the South Coast, so you can log some of the best climbs in the country. Next, you’ll go through an intensive, three-day RCI training programme with Mountain Training, the awarding body. This will cover technical competence, management and decision making, teaching skills and the climbing environment.


In order to complete your RCI assessment, you'll just need to log additional indoor and outdoor climbs and observe or assist with climbing sessions. We will provide live shadowing opportunities during and after the course. You may not be ready for your RCI assessment within the 16 weeks; however, we’ll work with you to get your prerequisites completed and arrange your assessment when you are ready.